About Us

Who We Are

ImageMark began in 1996 when President and CEO Walter Payne purchased a small print company called Brumley Printing. Operating out of a basement with three other employees, ImageMark made a breakthrough in 2004 with the development of our web-to-print store, ResourceONE®. The strides ImageMark took from its humble origins should come as no surprise when considering the values that makes us great: our clients come first, and we focus on integrating services to ensure that we are saving them time, money, and resources.

ImageMark is an all-in-one service providing solutions ranging from our signature Print-on-Demand services, marketing asset management, direct mail, kitting and promotional items. We can support our client’s efforts through every step of their process, ensuring complete satisfaction.


Many print companies require minimum orders that can be exponentially larger than what is required, resulting in wasted materials, time, and money. Print-on-Demand gives the flexibility to print what is needed, when it is needed. Having a Print-on-Demand partner allows you to quickly alter a printing job through our digital platform, giving up-to-the-minute content that can easily scale with demand.

ImageMark knows that your needs might not run on the timetable of large-scale industrial printing, and we do everything we can to ensure quality of our products, competitive pricing, and speed of delivery. By developing relationships with our customers, we gain an understanding of their needs and how we can not only meet but exceed them, while providing personal assistance to help materials and brand stick out in a crowded field.

Marketing Asset Management

Is your company struggling with growing pains, or looking for innovative solutions to ease the stress on the marketing department? When a company’s sales and marketing teams are at odds with each other, they develop siloed, dysfunctional inter-team communication resulting in missed sales opportunities.

ImageMark’s marketing asset management tools can be a fantastic solution for companies looking to grow their marketing operations without increasing headcount. Our portal ResourceONE® allows direct access to features such as customized products, complex kitting of packages, and a variety of promotional items, while providing visibility and order control.

When companies rely on multiple outside vendors to accomplish their marketing objectives, they incur additional time to manage each vendor’s designated task with separate phone calls and meetings resulting in less efficiency. Utilizing a company like ImageMark means that you can combine multiple vendors into a cost-effective package. Our collaborative model understands your objectives and provides you with the tools to make them a reality.

Direct Mail Services

It takes experience and expertise to flawlessly execute a direct mail campaign. There are postal regulations that can make or break your marketing budget. Advising through this design step is key to successfully managing direct mail programs. ImageMark is seasoned in consulting and managing the tactical implementation of direct mail. Our experience has helped countless clients to avoid the pitfalls of executing poorly and wasting money.

In addition, we offer these services within the same facility that our print production occurs which means we are able to maintain the accelerated schedules often needed to meet critical mail dates and deliver significant cost savings by performing all functions in-house!

Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to get your brand name out into the world. Through our promotional products division, select from thousands of items to enhance your brand. From keychains and t-shirts, to stylish luggage and LED neon bracelets, a whole world of products is now available – and ready to be customized with your logo and unique message! Incentivize your sales team with a coveted set of branded crystal glassware, or help customers become your brand ambassadors by including vinyl stickers in every package you ship.


With all the capabilities offered as a one-stop shop, they all can come together in a final kit. Complex kitting can create headaches for many marketing departments. The finished package is the last step to what can be a long road of creation. This can also be one of the most critical stage of the process that often is rushed to meet deadlines. ImageMark has been there, done that. We have rescued many projects with our fine level of detail asking questions that have prevented disasters from occurring. Our efficient workflows and qualified staff can tackle any level of complexity in an accelerated fashion. The final step of a campaign is in good hands with ImageMark!

We’re Here to Help

Whether it be our Web-to-Print solution, direct mail services, complex kitting, or promotional products, ImageMark is a one-stop shop for all of your printing and marketing needs.

When you need flexible solutions to your printing and marketing problems, think ImageMark first!