Less is More: Three Key Benefits of Print on Demand

In a world saturated by digital media, printed material has become more essential than ever for grabbing and holding the attention of your audience. It has been estimated that printed media is 43% less irritating to potential consumers than its digital counterparts.1 Additionally, customers are 10 to 30 times more likely to respond to direct mail.2 This doesn’t even account for the broad range of ways to apply print media to other aspects of your business such as employee communication packets and personalized notes to customers and brand signage.


With the continued surge in printed content, the ways in which companies can take advantage of these services has developed with new technology. No longer hindered by the shackles of mass production, printing has become optimized to address specific needs of a company’s communication strategy. How can your company benefit from the specialized service of print on demand?

When you need to produce a large quantity of printed material, it can be easy to focus on the end results with plentiful printing companies to perform this work. What if your order is small and your time frame is short? Or, maybe your content needs a few last-minute edits. These common problems can be solved by using print on demand, a service allowing smaller orders to be produced in a short timeframe at a price that meets your budget. Print on demand gives you what you need, when you need it, at a reasonable price.

1. Print-on-Demand is Cost-Effective

Why would you print 5,000 copies of something when you only need 300? Minimum orders on larger print jobs may seem like an insurmountable obstacle when you’re trying to get a project produced, but doing so doesn’t just waste paper and ink. You’re also paying more money for something you may never use. While printing methods like large offset pressing aren’t necessarily ineffective or bad, they won’t always match what you need as a customer. Utilizing on demand printing means that you are getting exactly what you ordered and not overpaying.

2. Print-on-Demand is Flexible

In the digital age, the editing of written material has become something we take for granted as both instantaneous and seamless. On demand printing offers the next best option for anything that doesn’t require a power cord. With a Print-on-Demand partner, you can quickly alter information and have new copies produced with up-to-the-second content, ensuring that the material you need can go out as soon as possible. Best of all, if you find that you need more copies later down the line, Print-on-Demand can scale with the amount of material that you will need – keeping the files stored digitally means that you can easily reproduce copies that you have already printed. Prices fluctuate, markets are unpredictable, and conditions are variable. Fortunately, there’s a printing service that can take these factors into account, and that means fewer frustrated customers, accurate schedules, and relevant data.

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3. Print-on-Demand Reduces Waste

Printing in smaller batches has some obvious benefits by its very nature  – printing less means less money spent on ink and paper. Money is saved by not sending surplus printed material to you that only takes up storage space or gets thrown away. Catering to your exact need also leaves a lower environmental impact. Did you know that black printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet, estimated at over $2,700 per gallon, and discarded paper makes up roughly 26% of solid municipal waste in landfill sites?3,4 Print-on-Demand is an industry based on speed, efficiency, and flexibility, unencumbered by the needless waste that comes with other types of printing.

Why ImageMark?

The benefits of Print-on-Demand are welcome boons to any number of industries and purposes, from retail and manufacturing to corporations and committees. However, simply having these attributes doesn’t guarantee success in a volatile world. You need a printing company that understands the message you are trying to convey with the means to do so.

Enter ImageMark. We are a Print-on-Demand company that takes pride in the quality and skill of our industry, providing service with you in mind. ImageMark knows that your needs might not run on the timetable of large scale industrial printing, and we do everything we can to ensure quality of our products, competitive pricing, and speed of delivery. By developing relationships with our customers, we gain an understanding of your needs and how we can not only meet but exceed them, while providing personal assistance to help your materials and brand stick out in a crowded field.

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