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Our tailored solutions look different for every client. However you spell success, we speak your language.

We Speak Retail

Today’s tight economy has put the Do-It-Yourself market in overdrive. Especially in the automotive aftermarket field. Individuals and companies need to keep vehicles going, often through DIY purchases. Automotive aftermarket companies with the best marketing will get that business.

ImageMark has specialized in customized, on-demand direct marketing campaigns since 2003. We work with you to create highly personalized and targeted retail marketing and sales campaigns that translate into big increases in annual sale event ROI.

One client within a single year of the ImageMark system rollout, experienced a $4.3 million dollar increase in sale events and an increase in sales from retail stores participating in the program by more than 26%.


Over a four-year span, ImageMark retooled and re-designed annual sale event products for one retail client, making them fully customized and variable. Today, that client has more than 2,500 sale events in client automotive stores with fully customized kits for each event.


This re-development increased sales by more than 47% over a four-year period.