ImageMark is a leader in bringing the latest
digital technology to the marketplace.


Our tailored solutions look different for every client. However you spell success, we speak your language.

We Speak Healthcare

ImageMark assists Healthcare clients to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative and technology driven marketing and print communications. We will reach this goal through our clear understanding of the Healthcare market, our consultative sales approach and our commitment to relationship development.

  • By differentiating ourselves as a consultative / ideas / and team driven organization.
  • By focusing on our clients with the goal of becoming an integral and trusted partner in their business objectives.
  • By providing innovative solutions through a diverse product and service offering.
  • By positioning ourselves so that the client considers us an “essential relationship” in their overall business success.
  • By earning a reputation as a highly regarded resource, both educationally and as a service provider.


We specialize in, and provide solutions through our comprehensive service offerings, including:

  • Our proprietary “ResourceONE™” branded Store Fronts collateral & inventory management system.
  • Real time, online reporting and inventory analysis including on demand ordering, accounting information and tracking data.
  • Secure, confidential fulfillment and distribution services.
  • Workflow and needs analysis / process assessment and automation.
  • Digital, offset and wide format printing capabilities with verifiable version control.
  • Multi-language print capabilities.
  • Expert variable data consultation and execution.
  • Powerful content and design capabilities.
  • Multi-media marketing strategies – design/content development/pURLs/email marketing.
  • Personal URLs and microsite design, implementation and management.
  • Branded online storefronts (e-commerce).

Our value proposition:

  • ImageMark is an experienced, premier provider of complex variable data printing and marketing services for the Healthcare market.
  • We offer a highly skilled workforce with the specific skill sets required to flawlessly execute your marketing, print, and fulfillment communications.
  • We are an established, innovative and growing category leader in the healthcare print and communications market.
  • We offer the committed people, technology blend, and suite of capabilities to take your healthcare communications and print requirements to the next level.
  • “The ImageMark/Healthcare Experience” – we understand how challenging your responsibility is in the increasingly competitive healthcare market.
    Our goal is to help you analyze, identify, then recommend how you can reduce your total spend, speed up your information time to market,
    while streamlining your supply chain.

In terms of specific ROI:

ImageMark provides you the important, measurable advantages you seek.

  • Total cost saving solutions / reduced time to market (value).
  • We are an established, innovative and growing category leader in the healthcare print and communications market.
  • Product driven by specific order or need demand (non-obsolescence).
  • Seamless Integration (efficiencies).
  • Containment of cost through volume agreements utilizing a just-in-time, print-on-demand strategy.
  • Reduce or minimize internal employee management time and cost – your employees can spend more time on the patient experience,
    less time on paperwork and related print management functions.
  • Product lifecycle assessment (reduce cost to print, store, and distribute).

Our “Call to Action”:

ImageMark understands the critical needs and issues of healthcare today.

We are dedicated to addressing your needs by providing a customized service network for your patients, your physicians, your marketing group and senior executives. With the ability to work more efficiently and effectively, your hospital can focus on what it does best – educating and caring for your patients. ImageMark can provide comprehensive healthcare solutions for your hospital, research facility, clinic or physicians’ offices.

Your ImageMark sales consultant will serve as your single point of contact.

By working closely with ImageMark project management, our healthcare team will provide the expertise required to successfully plan and implement your next project or comprehensive program.

Our Focus:

Relationship development
Innovative ideas driven by a dynamic product and service offering
Customized solutions
Reduced total program cost and time to market
Expertise in technology
Seamless integration of processes, procedures, and technology
Philosophy of ownership
Delivering measurable financial and operational benefits