At ImageMark, our people make the difference.


ImageMark and the industry benefit from the strong leadership of our principals. Their specialties are focused on bringing tomorrow’s technology into today’s solutions for our clients.

ImageMark employs approximately 65 full-time and 10 part-time employees. Every voice is important. Innovation can come from anywhere. Challenges and successes are shared.

TeamPhoto-Walter-AdjustedWhen Walter Payne purchased a small printing company in 1996 without a shred of experience in the industry, people had their doubts.
However, after millions of dollars of growth, it’s looking like it might work out.

Walter has a shrewd sense for where business is headed and how to get a jump on the industry. At ImageMark that meant installing a full suite of powerful digital technology before anyone even really knew what it was. Thanks to that visionary decision, ImageMark is now a major player in digital print, store front offerings, cross channel marketing, and fulfillment services. In fact, ImageMark handles print-on-demand for one of the largest medical service organizations in the world.

“I see us less a vendor and more as a partner to our clients,” says Walter. “We do what it takes to help them grow their business. Delivering on that promise is where our growth comes from.”
In addition to receiving prestigious PICA awards, Walter is invited to speak at such corporate giants as Kodak and Canon to share his business knowledge of industry technology.

When Walter isn’t jetting around to speaking engagements or to assist clients in growing their businesses, he can be found with his family, golfing, reading a good book or keeping up with his favorite NFL team the Carolina Panthers.