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Deck the Halls With Digital Printing

Categories: Business | Monday, December 22, 2014 - 6:01 pm

As the year winds down, there is joy in going to the mail box and finding more than bills waiting for you.  Tis the season of the holiday card.  According to the Greeting Card Association, the industry expects to sell about 1.5 billion cards this holiday season.  That’s a lot of cheer.

ImageMark, like so many other businesses, sent greetings to supporters near and far.  But, of course, the company designed and produced its own.

The special concept and application not only delivered holiday greetings, but also showcased the impressive capabilities of the company and its technology.

The lovely cards were printed on red and green paper and featured one of four designs.  But that is only the beginning.

Utilizing a HP Indigo to digitally print the cards allowed ImageMark to show off the simple, yet classy effect of white text and images.

“This design would have been difficult to produce using traditional print methods,” said John Woodward, ResourceONE™ specialist and designer of ImageMark’s 2014 holiday cards.  “By printing the cards with HP’s White Ink technology, the color and quality of the finished product is consistent and the process is quicker.”

Christmas Card Photo 2
John Woodward (left) and Rob Stapleton review samples of ImageMark’s 2014 holiday card.

Each card was printed in five colors – white + CMYK – for a total result of more than 48,000 clicks for the 3,000 cards printed.  Each click is a pass of color over the paper.  To achieve a truly opaque result, the white ink required eight to 10 clicks per card alone.

Woodward explains that the difference between achieving a white design digitally versus traditionally is in the paper and application.  To create these cards using traditional printing, ImageMark would have used white paper and coated it with a heavy application or either red or green ink.  The design then would have been “knocked out” to reveal the white paper beneath. Maintaining the quality and consistency of a solid color throughout the run would have been difficult.

By applying the white color to the colored paper ensured that each greeting card had the exact same look and quality.

As a special touch, printed on the Xanta Illumina GS Digital Envelope Press, each envelope was designed to complement the card within.

Christmas Card Photo 1

With that, ImageMark would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!